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Welcome to Traffic Gate
  You are at webmasters page of niche sites networks, this network includes free sites & TGP sites in different niches. We are always looking for new webmaster to exchange hard (permanent) links or to trade traffic. We prefer to work with webmasters, who can provide us with quality traffic, that means we are not interested in sites with consoles hell site or sites, which sends a lot of traffic with poor productivity traffic. Small quality sites are more than welcome. Spammer and cheaters will be blacklisted.
  Sponsors: we are looking for pay sites, which have affiliate program manages by CCBILL ONLY in the following SOFTCORE niches: Smoking Fetish, Bikini, Tight Clothes, Nude Beach, Nudists, Party Girls, and also can give us FHG or Free Content (it's enough to give us promo password to your site & allow us to select and download necessary content by our own). Click here to submit your pay site (affiliate program).
  Non-TGP related webmasters: welcome to links exchange with our sites. The rules are simple: you need to have real content on you site (pictures sites should have pictures, stories sites should have stories, links sites should have real links, and so on); your site shouldn't be overloaded and should have 1 or 2 consoles; link to our site should with banner or text link (no console or blind links). We'll do our best to lift your link up at our pages if you send good traffic, so you have more traffic from us. Click here to submit your site for links exchange.
  TGP owners: let's trade traffic. We accept any types of tgp's, which can send productivity traffic back. Minimum trade is 20 hits a day. You'll receive amount of traffic back depending on users productivity you sent us. There's no reason to send 1000 users to us if they make 0 clicks at our TGP (you'll get 0 users back); in the same time, if you sent 10 user who made 100 clicks, you'll get good traffic return. Click here to start traffic trade.
  Sites owners: submit your sites to our toplists. The toplists rank sites based on the number of hits came from your site. Toplists rerank hourly or daily and reset every day or every week. Some toplists have gate page and require user to wish to enter the toplist (to click 'enter' button'), some toplists don't rank sites, which haven't sent the required minimum of hits. Click here to submit your sites to our toplists.
We revise our sites several times a day, so any good working links exchange or traffic trade will get the best positions at our sites.